Welcome to my new site

 If you are paid to create, you are among the luckiest people in the world. If you’ve been doing it for as long as I have, you are even luckier. This life has engendered a feeling of deep gratitude in me, and a lightness of spirit.
Daily experience with the creative process, which is within me and without me,  has absolutely convinced me that the universe is not some kind of machine in the process of burning down, but is  itself is an organism that is still undergoing the process of ongoing creation.  This process goes on inside us, and all over us – we are part of it, and help to guide its course. Writers and artist and musicians I know share the feeling that this process creates  us, or through us. We are receptors.  Watch a kid drawing or playing while they’re talking to themselves, and you understand how fundamentally human this is.
So, as I said, it has made me an optimistic character. I write about what I do on social media, and will do so here. But, if I’m lucky, this blog will, once in awhile, allow me to share my thoughts about the the deeper and more mysterious aspects of creativity, lived through the mundane life of a gun for higher.

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