My GRILLED podcast interview with GQ Writer Alan Richman is online.

You can now listen to my interview with James Beard Award and National Magazine Award winner Alan Richman at The Grilled Podcast site, or by searching for “The Grilled Podcast” on your favourite podcast directory. Alan was a tremendous guest, and gracious host. He picked up at the train station in Mamaroneck and drove me to his nearby home in Westchester. We spent the next couple of hours talking about his work for The Montreal Star, The Boston Globe, The  New York Times, People Magazine, and, especially, the writing for GQ Magazine that earned him a lot of attention (as he’ll tell you himself, not all of it positive!) He was warm, funny and generous, and makes for a great podcast.

You’ll hear interesting stories about Oprah Winfrey, Vladimir Horiwitz, and Gordie Howe – three names you may not often have heard together. He also recounts his feud with Anthony Bourdain, and their subsequent reconciliation.

We talk  about Bourdain’s hilarious roast of Alan for GQ, which you can watch here.

It was a great experience all around. Alan represents the kind of long-form, well-supported journalism that is facing a challenging future in the digital age. You can read his witty and honest stories in the collection Fork it Over.

Alan plied me with orange and cranberry Entenmann’s cake, which he gave me to take back on the train (I was on my way back to Grand Central and then out to Brooklyn to meet Noah Bernamoff at Mile End Deli in Brooklyn. That show has already been posted.) Bourdain once famously called him “douchebag of the year” – it’s SO not true.



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