Annnnd here’s yet another single

another year

I’m so happy to be releasing new music regularly over the last few months. I know there are people out there listening to my new tunes, which is great. It’s never been easier (or cheaper) to distribute music, and all the new digital services out there mean that virtually anyone, anywhere can hear your work with a click. It’s pretty cool, even if it means no $$$$ and being in the really, really, really long tail for now. The important thing is doing the work, and getting it out.

I’m also thrilled at the access I’ve had to great recording equipment and instruments. This starts at home, where anyone with a Mac and a relatively inexpensive interface and microphones can create the kind of demos you couldn’t dream of back in the days of 4-track Portastudios (as amazing as they were.)

“Another Year” was recorded in a friend’s incredible home studio on 44th street in New York City. I played a fantastic Martin acoustic, and a Hoffner bass, and the warmth of these (and the drums I played with brushes) is unmistakable. We also had access to some superb Neumann mics. So  we could play  – and I could sing – very quietly, super up-close and personal. It makes for  great dynamics.

In all, we tracked two songs in two days – quiet, introspective songs in a quiet room over-looking the world metropolis.

You can listen to it here.

It’s also streaming on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and other streaming services.

By the way, my nephew Erik took the song photo and did the artwork. He’s good, eh?



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