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I have been writing, recording and releasing music since 2000.

On January 9, 2018, I released a new single called Love is Forever. You can hear it on Bandcamp, Spotify, and all streaming services including Deezer, AppleMusic, Amazon, itunes and others.. On these sites, you’ll find another recent song, Wood, Guts and Steel.  It’s also for sale at CD Baby. I wrote it and play bass and guitars, and programmed the drums and percs.  Robert Marchand co-produced it with me and added additional bass and keyboards.

My CD from that 2000, Music from the Mtl/ART Project, has been digitally released worldwide through CD Baby, and can also be heard on various streaming platforms. The collection featured music written for a series of Bravo!FACT-funded short film projects.

Two instrumentals included on the CD, The Love Rack 1 and The Love Rack 2 were licensed for use in the Emmy-award winning Cirque du Soleil television series The Fire Within.

With Robert, I scored the Radio Canada documentary Poings D’Appui, and the end-title music for my own film with Jesko von den Steinen, CORPS.  Also with Robert, I wrote and sang two songs used as incidental music in the Quebec film L’incomporable Mademoiselle C.